1. P

    WTB AR-15 9mm upper parts

    Parts needed for pistol build. I have a AR 9mm block type lower and a side charging upper. Just need part to complete the build. AR-15 9MM barrel, 7 to 9" Hand-guard/rail prefer M-Lok. No quad rails. 7" BCG for 9mm AR, needs to work with glock mags Lower parts, want something like Strike...
  2. Jwr1221

    (Houston) PRP XD .45cal drop in trigger kit

    Up for sale is a "lightly used" PRP drop-in trigger kit for XD/XDm pistols. Had this installed in my bedside gun for a bit and shot it just enough to validate 100% operation. Ended up swapping back to stock parts since my wife also has access to it and I just feel more comfortable with her...
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