1. 2sam22

    WTS Vortex G6-A2 Flash Eliminator (Georgetown)

    Came across this in my parts kit, no longer need it. Meet FTF in Georgetown 78633 zip code or will ship ground for free. $45 takes it. Four, specially angled flutes hide nearly 100% of muzzle flash, even during full-auto fire, by dissipating gas and retaining unburned powder for increased...
  2. Saintgunner74

    SOLD Savage 110HS .338 lapua(San Antonio area)

    *Face to face within 150miles of San Antonio only. No shipping. Everything listed below for $2,400 or possibly trade for new: ATN THOR 4 384 2-8X *Cash added as needed. Less than 80rds fired. Currently sighted in dead on at 300yds. Half mile 20oz bottle Daughter shooting steel at 300yds...
  3. S

    Need Help With Purchasing My First Rifle

    Hey guys, The only firearm I've ever owned is Springfield XD Compact 45acp. I was told .45 is too big of a caliber for a first handgun and go with 9mm instead. I am so glad I didn't take that advice. There is a recoil to it but it's so much fun to shoot. Lesson learned: Never compromise on...
  4. C

    For Sale - Vortex StrikeFire and 3x magnifier (Austin)

    Gently used Vortex StrikeFire red/green optic with Vortex 3x magnifier. I did have to remove the rubber molding on the magnifier for it to work with my AR but everything works flawlessly. Both come with co-witness mounts, magnifier has swing mount. Asking $300 for both. Located in/around...
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