SOLD 1100+ Rounds of 55gr Wolf .223 Ammunition (Steel Cased)


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Sep 23, 2018
Howdy Folks,

Cleaning out my ammo stash.

Up for sale is 1100+ rounds of Wolf 55gr .223 steel cased ammunition.

940 rounds are still in factory boxes (47 boxes). They were always stored in a steel ammo can with oxy absorber and desiccant in a climate controlled environment. The other 190 rounds were loaded in Saiga mags and stored in my safe, which is also climate controlled. Sold the Saiga back in CA and I've since put the loose rounds into a zip lock with desiccant and oxy absorber and stuck them in the ammo can with the boxed ammo. I counted a total of 1130 rounds, but I'm listing as 1100 rounds just to be sure you get what you pay for.

Asking $400. .36¢ a round. ammo can (Tall 50 Cal size) is included if you want it. Not trying to gouge or take advantage of the market. This is what I paid for this ammo (not including the ammo can ). This is also the same price SG Ammo had this same ammo listed for when they had it in stock last, if you factor in shipping.

I am relatively new to Texas and TGT. I have plenty of positive feedback on Calguns and Gunbroker under the same username. FTF transaction in Georgetown or Round Rock.


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