2013/2014 Deer Season Pics


Jun 24, 2012
A lot of the forums Im on have a thread like this where everyone can post their kills and what theyre seeing out in the field.

I hunt in Leakey and thus far its been a slow season. With all the acorns on the ground and lack of cold weather the bucks haven't begun running the does yet and theres plenty to eat so they've stayed away from the feeders for the most part. The axis have been very weary and only showing up on the game cams thus far. I did have a whole flock of turkeys come up on me yesterday morning. I let them hang out for a while when a couple of whitetail(never did see anything but their bodies through the bushes) blew them out and haul ass. So I figured if the deer weren't coming around might as well get a turkey...or three :D

Excuse the retarded look on my face, Im not a 13 year old girl and am not so great at taking selfies. Along with me having a giant phone(galaxy note 2) and taking a pic one handed. I shot one and about 45 minutes later they showed up again. So I blasted another one, half the flock flew off and the rest just kinda froze so I busted another one. Almost tagged out on turkeys for the year :D


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Aug 2, 2008
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I haven't shot any deer yet,but have seen plenty of the younger 2 yo bucks. I'm waiting for some of the bigger/older bucks to start rutting.
This 250 lb boar made a mistake showing up last week,and I put a 260 Rem bullet right behind his ear at 80 yards.



Jun 24, 2012
No duck face?
Sorry I'll leave that to you lol
And yet we can hardly see the turkeys for your face being front and center. LOL
Eh well, II'll work on my teenage girl selfie picture taking skills. If my dad doesnt shoot any turkeys this weekend I'll shoot a few more the next weekend and get a pic of em without me in it just for you :)

I hope to have a picture of a nice fat doe or axis instead of just turkeys though.


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Nov 11, 2009
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Got this monster last Friday night. It's probably around 500 lbs. For scale, I'm close to 15' tall, holding a howitzer and that feeder looking thing I'm in front of is actually the Eiffel Tower.



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Aug 5, 2012
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Awww. He found a bacon seed. Plant it somewhere safe.....
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