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2017 Oct Pic Thread, aftermath/discussion too.

Discussion in 'TGT Family Reunion' started by orbitup, Oct 7, 2017.

  1. MTA89

    MTA89 Lives in a van down by the river TGT Supporter

    Mar 10, 2017
    Almost Oklahoma

    No that little SOB escaped but don't worry. It made it back to Denton and now its on the shelf in my garage until April. No way its going to the garbage can until it gets whats coming to it

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  2. Dawico

    Dawico TGT Addict

    Oct 15, 2009
    Lampasas, Texas
    BTW, I left with an extra pair of red ear muffs and two blue camp chairs. I will bring them next time unless somebody is in a rush to get them back
  3. jrbfishn

    jrbfishn TGT Addict

    Aug 9, 2013
    south of killeen
    Never thought I would see a girl her age happy about bullet holes in a tablet. Most kids would be crying about it. That is an awesome pic and made me smile. Things like that make it worth the effort.

    from an idjit coffeeholic
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  4. Brains

    Brains TGT Addict

    Apr 9, 2013
    She continued after that shot too.

    I asked her if she wants to go to the next meet in April. Well, I tried to ask - didn't even get to answer the question before getting an emphatic YES !!
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  5. BRD@66

    BRD@66 TGT Addict

    Jan 23, 2014
    Liberty Hill
  6. Shotgun Jeremy

    Shotgun Jeremy TGT Addict

    Jul 8, 2012
    Copperas Cove
    I had an AR scope mount come back home with me. I must have grabbed it when I was picking up my box of "free shit". Who's is it? I can mail it back to you if you're missing it.
  7. Darkpriest667

    Darkpriest667 Well-Known

    Jan 13, 2017
    Fort Worth
    Is it in a ziplock bag? If it is... it's yours :-p One of the screws is stripped and I dont have a shop or the equipment to rethread it.. It's an el cheapo like 40 dollar one.. I was donating it so someone who might need it could use it.
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  8. pronstar

    pronstar Well-Known TGT Supporter

    Jul 2, 2017
    Good times!
    Really great to put faces to screen-names.

    Looking forward to more shooting with you guys.
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  9. benenglish

    benenglish Lifetime Supporter Staff Member Lifetime Member Admin

    Nov 22, 2011
    I've had a day to think about it and it's tough to express how much this gathering meant to me.

    Jrb went out of his way to make sis feel welcome. Grumper fulfilled a bucket list item for her; I swear she'd run out and buy an Uzi right this minute if such were possible. Jeremy took her in and made her comfortable. The range staff was appropriately courteous to the lady who didn't look like she fit in. Literally everybody did things to make her day better and better and she loved meeting every one of you.

    Even the weather cooperated. :)

    She left grinning from ear to ear and wants to come again. Understand that this is a woman who, over the last 19 years, has had 17 (or more? I've lost count.) heart surgeries, lost half a lung, bled to death, been in full cardiac arrest at least 4 times, spent a couple of weeks in a coma where she afterward had to learn to walk and talk again, and more. I've been forced to have "the talk" with doctors about removing her life support a couple of times. So for her to actually be looking forward to something 6 months away is much more significant than most people realize.

    I can't thank all of you enough for making this outing something very, very special for both of us. I think I shot less than 50 rounds for the day but I don't care. It was, for my family, the best day we've had in a long, long time and it's all thanks to the wonderful folks of TGT.
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  10. Brains

    Brains TGT Addict

    Apr 9, 2013
    Wow, I really had no idea she'd been through so much. I wanted to spend more time with y'all, and I found myself balancing that with my daughter's excitement over her new found passion. I definitely got a kick out of y'alls interaction. Your sister grilled me a bit when my little girl shared her future career plans, and you can let her know I've taken her advice and started researching chem kits and such to help my little girl reach her goals. ;)

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