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2019 Fall Family Reunion: General Chatter

Discussion in 'TGT Family Reunion' started by toddnjoyce, Aug 22, 2019.

  1. SQLGeek

    SQLGeek Wheel Gun Nut TGT Supporter

    Sep 22, 2017
    Anyone from Houston area driving in Saturday morning?

  2. robertc1024

    robertc1024 Moderator Staff Member Moderator TGT Supporter

    Jan 22, 2013
    San Marcos
    Generally, if someone else is shooting my guns, I'll use my reloads. If I'm shooting someone else's, I'll either shoot their ammo if they offer, or factory I brought. I usually bring a couple of boxes of factory ammo just for that purpose.
  3. Darkpriest667

    Darkpriest667 Actually Attends

    You buy ammo? holy crap.
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  4. Moonpie

    Moonpie U.S. Rifle M1 caliber .30 Lifetime Member

    Imma bring a buncha .32’s for Darkpriest.
  5. FireInTheWire

    FireInTheWire Ego kills talent TGT Supporter

    Jan 22, 2018
    Big Country
    I'm pretty much coming out to visit and meet ya'll.

    I don't have anything that's cool, to ya'll. All my stuff is for LR shooting.
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  6. Dad_Roman

    Dad_Roman TGT Addict TGT Supporter

    Apr 1, 2018
    No worries. You'll have more chit-to-choot than you can get to. Ill bring plenty of toys and most guys bring LOTS more than me.

    Ammo is not an issue-du-jor. Some bring cases and most have more than can be shot. Common courtesy's and civilities should prevail. If you shoot a LOT of someones stuff then settle up somehow. Cash, credit, PP, replacement boxes, bring yer own, etc. etc.

    Half of that was a joke...^^^^.....I dont believe you could even get anybody to take your money.

    TXOMFS was a different story. He was clear that he was bringing Auto's. Free to shoot em but try to bring your own freedomseeds. He was all about sharing and even had plenty of ammo if you were without. When I shot the M-16 I had four of my mags in my pockets.

    Its all good. Friendliest of atmosphere, new friends to meet, great shooting.

    Fighting the mud was no fun so pray for no rain. (although it was entertaining watching the range officer try to get around in his golfcart)

    Last edited: Aug 23, 2019
  7. SQLGeek

    SQLGeek Wheel Gun Nut TGT Supporter

    Sep 22, 2017
    I'd love to shoot as many .44 Magnums I can if anybody would be so generous as to share. I'll bring ammo and will be bringing my Ruger .44 Carbine.
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  8. mroper

    mroper Well-Known TGT Supporter

    Jun 7, 2011
    Katy, TX
    I live in Katy , by westpark tollway and 99 . ill make the trip with ya
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  9. SQLGeek

    SQLGeek Wheel Gun Nut TGT Supporter

    Sep 22, 2017
    Outstanding. We can coordinate when the time gets closer.
  10. TxStetson

    TxStetson Usually Here TGT Supporter Lifetime Member

    I’ll be bringing my Ruger Redhawk and my Marlin 1894 in 44 Magnum. @orbitup has a really cool pistol with a bird’s head grip that’s really fun with hot loads that you should try if given the opportunity.

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