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May 4, 2017
Middle of no where
Got a question for you guys. We've got deer around us and I've been trying to capture a good photo of them but all I ever get is raccoons, squirrel, armadillo, skunks, opossum, dogs, & cows. I'm baiting the area in front of the camera with deer corn. Do I have too many other varmints in proximity to every draw the deer in to feed on my corn and a good photo? In 2 years of trying to catch deer on camera it's only happened once.

Just this morning after daylight we watched 2 beautiful calfs right next to our fence line and about 50 feet away from this area. I am moving another camera to that spot and I will bait it with corn as well.
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X2 with CVGunman ....Gotta find the game trails.

I have the same type of critters eating corn ...and the crows around my place. I have taken the coon population from 8 to 1. Its been coming at 4am so i haven't stayed up that late to take care of him.... yet.
We had a skidster mulcher come out to our property that is heavily wooded. We eneded up having multiple game trails we cut through while mulching... so the deer are always coming from 4 main trails on my place. I have my cams set up around the trails & feeder. I also move them around at different angles & other trees in the area to find the best pics.

I just moved my feeder cam closer to the feeder today to try to get better pics.




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Mulies or white tails?
Both. Had a couple of studs squaring off.

What kind of distance is your shot down to the feeder? What caliber are you shooting?
That’s my 300prc. It’s over kill... but I thought maybe there’d be some pigs out. At that location... one feeder at 350yrds and the other I’d say about 1300yrds. Didn’t take a rifle last night.. saw 3 pigs. Every dang time.


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Mar 26, 2013
Lake Texoma
Finally got a couple of these calves on camera. You guys are right in regard to the trails. I have a hunch and I'm moving the camera today and will rebait with corn this evening. I spotted 4 calves next to our fence line a couple of nights ago. They're here.

Now if I could get rid of all these squirrels! They're driving us nuts! (pardon the pun)


Oct 9, 2017
Mckinney TX
Question regarding uploading trailcam video. I see some are posting via youtube. I have mine saved on computer but when I go to upload they are not there? Is it due to the file they are recorded in (MPEG-4 or MOV file).
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