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    Well I re-did this rifle along with 7 others many months ago. I did not have a digital camera back then which is really regrettable. Anyway I sold most of the rifles however I do have this one left and out of the gun safe.

    Rem Model #514 youth single shot .22 long, short, long rifle.

    They are actually very accurate out of the box little rifles and great for kids as they are single shot bolt action. A pain in the butt and I sure hated it when I was 10 trying to reload the damn thing if I missed a rabbit. But i guess my dad figured if I didn't shoot him on the first try then he could grab the gun and swiftly teach me a lesson before I had another chance.

    Anyway I am going to be brief but this is what was done to this gun:

    Blasted with aluminum oxide (120 grit)
    De greased very hard.
    All parts removed and Dura Coated ( 4 coats I used FLAT black)
    2 lite coats of DuraClear Satin finish

    I then sanded the heck out of the stock
    Steamed up some of the dents and dings that I could
    Sanded some more.
    Prepped stock for staining
    I did probably 7 coat-dry-buff cylces with tru-oil
    Shined and waxed

    All of the guns came out great but I was really proud of this one. Also all of these weapons were in a fire (smoke-water damage from the firetrucks) then put in a bag and left in a storage room for about 10 years. All were rusted from lite-sever.

    I re did this gun so I can hand it down to my nephew (5 years old) and get him started in the right direction as soon as possible.

    If anyone has any questions about blasting, prep, or duracoat I have some limited knowledge.

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