.22 lr shotgun.


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May 12, 2009
any recommendations on .22 lr smooth bore bolt actions? having trouble finding a reasonably priced one. and thinking it might prove cheaper to get a second hand bolty and slap a smooth bore barrel in it.
any ideas?


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May 12, 2009
well ya'll have heard of the .22 shotshells atleast right? it is standard .22 long rifle shells some of which are crimped and some have plastic capsules either of which contain usually contain a small amount of #12 shot. CCI has some of the later kind, anyway they are used for pest controland target shooting mainly. i think the boy scouts used to use them long years ago ofr shotgun practice / education.
the purpose of the smooth bore barrels (a barrel without rifling twists) is to get a decent pattern. the problem with the rifling as i found firing said rounds form a standard .22 bolt action rifle that belongs to a friend is thatit makes a doughnut shaped pattern that spreads very quickly. so firing at a target even at very close range the shot goes compltely around the target, (i was trying to hit some grackles and was bewildered to find i couldnt hit one at practically rock throwing distance)
i read somewhere that a smoothbore .22 is the best way to get decent patterns with these rounds. also semiautomatic rifles as a rule cannot cycle the .22 shotshells due to the lower barrel pressures they generate. infact ive read that the CCI shells (which have the plastic shot filled capsule) wont even leave the barrel of semi-autos.
im not sure why, but i love the idea of a .22 shot shell, and still have a box or two left over from mfirst attempt using my freinds boltaction.
it was fun shooting them even though i wasnt even ruffling the feathers of those damn grackles that like to poop on cars.
also, they are far more safe to shoot at targets that may shoot through, or at as their range is only around 250 yards as stated on the back of the CCI box ive got here. ive heard great fun stories about dads and sons shooting dragonflies and barn rats with these things, even one guy that loved them because he could take pests out of the top of his barn without punching holes in the tin roof.
the only problem im having is finding a .22 bolt action with a smooth bore barrel. as i can find plenty of .22 bolt actions for under a hundred bucks i wouldnt want to spend that plusanother 100 for a barrel for it, to have such a specialized gun. but its driving me crazy and i might jsut have to do it...

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Apr 28, 2008
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Winchester used to make their single shot .22 bolt rifle (Model 67) in a smooth bore besides the regular rifled model. The barrel was marked smoothbore. The only example I've handled was a pre-WW II mfg and it had no serial number since that was not required on some firearms mfg then. The barrel was 27" long. The Model 67 also came in a 20 inch "Junior" rifle and a 24" target model. The Model 67 was mfg between 1934 and 1963.


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Mar 5, 2008
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Cool, learn something new everyday. I never knew they made a smooth bore .22lr for the shotshells. Dang and I thought I knew it all. :(:p

The only experience I've got with shotshells though is with the .38/.357 ones. I use them in my GP100 for rattlesnake dispatch when they're in the yard....got one yesterday actually.



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