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.223 / .308 brass (San Antonio)

Discussion in 'Gun Accessories & Ammo' started by Gp79, Sep 30, 2013.

  1. Gp79

    Gp79 Member

    Jan 6, 2013
    All of this has been processed on a dillon 1050, trimmed on a giraud power trimmer, cleaned in my wet tumbler and polished in corn cob media. Headspace has been checked in a case gauge. All of it is blingin', once fired and ready to ship.

    .308 Lake City .40/each
    .308 Hornady Match .50/each
    .308 Federal Gold Medal Match .50/each
    .308 Lake City Match .50/each
    .308 MKE .38/each
    .308 Gold Dot Match (Nickel) .55/each
    .308 Federal Military .40/each

    .223 Lake City .16/each

    I can also clean/process your brass for you .223 or .308. Later this fall I will be able to anneal any brass .338 lapua mag or smaller.

    I can ship if necessary at USPS flat rate prices. A medium box can hold about 600 .308 or 1200 .223 for $12.35.

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