SOLD .224 90Gr. Fusion Bullets - 1K - Austin Area


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Mar 9, 2009
Central Texas
I have one lot of 1K Bullets.
These are 2nds. They have some discolored spots on them. Other than that, they look really good.
These were designed for use in the .224 Valkyrie or .22 Nosler. They will also work for bolt actions that can handle longer ogive bullets or for single shot out of an AR chambered in .223/5.56.
They won’t work for magazine fed .223/5.56 chambered guns.
They require a 1/7 twist barrel.
If you’re looking for a good heavyweight hunting bullet for your Valkyrie or .22 Nosler this is the bullet.

Asking $219 shipped in CONUS
IM for Comms.

Will also consider trades for the below:
.224 62Gr. TBBC
.224 Sierra/Nosler 77Gr. OTM
6.5 Hornady 123Gr. or 129Gr. SST
.277 Hornady 130Gr. Interlock
.308 Speer 125Gr. TNT
.308 Hornady 178Gr. AMAX
.308 Hornady 208Gr. AMAX

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