.338-06 or .35 Whelen! Need help choosing!!!


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Jul 15, 2014
Alright! All of you aficionados that know a thing or 2!

I’m in a deep conundrum, and have a project rifle, a Savage 111, in .270 Win, that I want to convert to an ass kicking medium bore round, that will take everything from javelina to moose!

My 2 choices I’ve been debating in my head about are the .338-06, and the .35 Whelen!

I have found aftermarket switch out barrels for both:

.338-06, 24 inch barrel, 1 in 10 inch twist

.35 Whelen, 24 inch barrel, 1 in 14 inch twist

The .338 can handle heavy projectiles, up to 310gr. The .338 bullets have better BC and SD. There is a plethora of .338 cal bullets as well!

The .358 can possibly handle up to 310 gr bullets. There are a few weights for selection, but each one works quite well. The .358 has more bullet frontal area. A lot of the time, the .358 bullets of same bullet weights as the .338’s can gain more velocity.

The reason for pondering such calibers: Because I want something that can take a large variety of game, and Because I Can!!


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Oct 14, 2017
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That's a pretty decent write-up, coming from Wikipedia. I would tend to agree with most of what it says about the adaptability and performance of the .338.


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Dec 15, 2019
Are you forming your own brass if you go the 338 route? I dont think ive ever seen factory brass for it before

I had to look to make sure, but Nosler does have factory ammo for the 338-06. Very expensive though!

IIRC, the 35 Whelen is sort of limited run ammo from the factory though.


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