380 Auto-finally


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Mar 17, 2008
Houston, TX.
Had to go to Wal-Mart today and decided to go by the ammo case. Of course it only had .22 cal & .17HMr ammo, plus some shotgun shells. As I walked away I heard someone yell, "Sir did you need some ammo?' to my surprise a young man was asking me if I wanted some ammo. I told him that he didn't have what i was looking for, but thanks anyway. He tells me that he was about to bring the ammo they received, and asked what i needed. I told him I needed some 380 Auto but would take some 38 specials if he had that as well. I bought 2 boexes of 9MM WWB and 2 boxes of Remington UMC(Green/white box), one in 38 special and one in......yes that's right .380 Auto.

He told me that the limit was six boxes/per claiber, which seemed like a lot to me, but who cares all I wanted was the 380 & 38 spl. ammo.


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Mar 17, 2008
Houston, TX.
I had posted on Saturday that Academy @ Willowbrook had 14 boxes of .380.
I'm off, this coming Friday. I'm going to check the Academy stores on this side of town. Maybe I'll get lucky again. If I do find some .380 ammo, maybe I'll go buy some Lotto tickets, as well.


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Jan 28, 2009
Houston, Cy-Fair
I'm still trying to find a box of .357mag. Was up at Tomball Pawn and asked for a box. While filling out the paper work and talking to the sales guy, i didn't check the box he gave me ... .357sig.

It pains me, but I'm going to check Gander Mountain on Thursday. That's ammo day for the 290/1960 store.


Feb 14, 2009
South Korea
It was an incredible weekend last weekend. Throughout Friday and Saturday visiting the Waco Academy, the Round Rock Academy and the 183 and 35 Academy found 850 rounds of .380 ACP. God I was in heaven. Finally I get to put some rounds through my beautiful Mustang. It also is very difficult for my fiance to qualify on my mustang if she has no ammo to shoot through it. No I'd be happy to find some reasonably priced 357 for my SP101. That thing is a dream to shoot but sometimes you get tired of the massage that shooting 38 special gives your hand. I wand something that rips and tears. All I know is that slowly and slowly I am starting to see shelves see some more action. You just have to know when and where.


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