.410 shotgun shell - odd size primer???


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Mar 13, 2009
San Antonio TX
I have not started reloading yet. I recently acquired my first ever reloader - a MEC 600JR MK5 for my .410. The powder I received with it went right into a storage container, and will not see the light of day until I get and read the appropriate reloading manual(s).

I also received shot, wads and a bunch of empty hulls. The gentleman that sold these to me said that these Remington hulls (green hulls) use a "different" primer than the regular 209 shotgun primer - a "little smaller", and he thought they were a 209P or 209R - can't remember exactly what he said they were. Wish I had wrote it down.

Now, I'm going to do some research into this, particularly with a reloading manual in hand, but just wanted to know if anyone has come across this, and if they are worth buying primers for? Or should I just dispose of these and reload the ones that take regular shotgun primers? I was thinking - "Don't confuse things... get one and stick with it" when it comes to reloading.


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Jan 9, 2009
Round Rock
If they are older hulls they may have been made for the Remington #57 primer. The 57's were smaller in diameter than a 109 or 209 primer. I don't believe they make them anymore. There is a 209-4 primer that is made for the .410. It reportedly has about 1/2 the flame of a standard 209 and is specially made for the .410 hull.

Some people have had decent luck "mashing' the 209 primers into hulls made for the 57, but I would nor recommend trying this.

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