.452" bullets for 45acp

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  1. Hornady makes a 200gr ballistic tip .452" diameter bullet. I think it would work great for my friends 1911 that will not feed hollow points. Its only .001" different from what its supposed to be. Will that really make that much difference? I know guys who shoot 158gr .357" lead cast bullets in 9mm for sub-sonic loads, this shouldn't be much different right?


  2. TSU45

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    Jun 6, 2008
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    You can load .452 lead or plated bullets in ACP. Not sure I've ever seen a jacketed .452 bullet in ACP. Did you call Hornady?

    How long are those bullets with the polymer tip? They might not be able to load to mag-length regardless.
  3. I havent called them. I dunno if it will load short enough, I didnt think about that.
  4. Bullseye Shooter

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    I looked at the Hornady catalog on line and this bullet appears to be primarily a rifle bullet, not handgun. Jacketed bullets for the .45 ACP should measure .451. Lead bullets in .452 are the norm, but a jacketed bullet in that diameter could cause pressure problems. You might suggest to your friend to have the feed ramp on his pistol polished. That might help with the HP feeding problem.

    Some 9mm pistols actually like bullets that are .358 BTW. The 9mm is a strange bird when it comes to loading lead bullets.
  5. cuate

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    .452 jacketed bullets

    I bought some .452 by mistake and reloaded some brass with them, they would not chamber in either one of my 1911s...:texas:
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    Nov 21, 2008
    The 9mm had some variation, especially in the begining, right?

    Are those 454 casull bullets? I thought they were that diameter.
  7. Major Woody

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    Your probably going to crush the cases when you try to press them. .451 is for ACP. I just pressed some Hornady XTP's [.451] and they even crushed a few cases but they are accurate.
  8. Damn. Well I tried. I have polished the hell out of his feed ramp to no avail. It hangs every couple rounds. I saw that Cor-Bon has some ammo called Pow-r-ball that are hollow points with a polymer ball in the cavity but I cant find them for reloading.
  9. Bullseye Shooter

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    There are also some other variables besides the feed ramp. Sometimes it's as simple as changing magazines. I've added heavier Wolf springs and rounded followers and that seems to help with different profile bullets. You might check out the various 1911 forums for some help.
  10. robocop10mm

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    Make sure he is not trying to feed HP's from a "ball" magazine. The feed lips are very different. Most GI mags have a simple flare to the feed lips (they get farther apart toward the front). A good HP mag will have a pronounced step in the feed lips. This allows the mag to release the round earlier. The ball mag simply progressively releases its hold on the bullet.

    Some brass may be thin enough to load .452 bullets. I believe Sierra .45 ACP bullets are .4515. If the gun has generous chamber dimensions you may find the .452's ok.

    Has he tried Speer Gold Dots? They have a reputation for feeding like ball ammo.

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