.45ACP on GunBroker...


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May 19, 2008
Houston, TX, USA
Don't laugh...theres probably a 9mm version that is selling for even more! LOL

Seriously...why the big rush to buy a new pistol? There not much ammo around to run through it....unless you feel like rewarding Gander Mtn for their sky high prices.

When will this problem end? Man...I am sick of it.

I do have a sizable stash of 45 and 9mm but I don't dare shoot any of it because it will cost too much and be very hard to find replacement ammo.

Thanks Obama! ugh!

- Brickboy240


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Nov 21, 2008
Almost funny, till I started to think about all the time and money I've spent on trying to maintain my shooting schedule. . .. . .

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