5.56 reloading ?


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Jun 4, 2008
Some of the brass I picked up this weekend has a small dent in the neck. can these be reloaded?


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Apr 28, 2008
Texas Panhandle
They should reload just fine; just don't force them when you run them up in the resizer die, so the expander ball will have a chance to push out the dents. Some lube on the inside of the neck should help. You could also use a small pair of needle nose pliers to straighten out the dents prior to resizing.


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Jan 9, 2009
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+1 on the needle nose pliers. I always keep a pair on the loading bench. Use the pliers to get the mouth close to round and carefully get it started onto the expander ball. No problems. You will work the brass more than usual so you you should consider anealing the brass prior to resizing. I don't bother anealing 5.56 brass as it is still plentiful and easily lost. If I get cracks, I just toss them in the recycle bucket.
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