5.56x45 NATO M193 in Austin

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Nov 27, 2013
Quantity update: 5.56x45 NATO M193 in Austin

QUANTITY UPDATE - sold all but 1 sealed battle pack (200 rounds), which I will sell FTF in Austin for $75.


I am offering 1,600 rounds of brass-cased Prvi Partizan 5.56x45 NATO M193 FMJ BT 55gr. The head stamp reads PPU 08 5.56x45. Gotta move this ammo, Santa's coming.

This Serbian manufactured ammo has proven itself to be very reliable and accurate. I have never had a failure to feed, fire or extract with it in my N4 carbine.

Here is a description of it with reviews: 1000 Rounds of Bulk 5.56x45 Ammo by Prvi Partizan - 55gr FMJ

Twenty rounds come packaged in a small square cardboard box.

Ten of these boxes (200 rounds) come sealed in a heavy clear plastic bag and it is known as a battle pack.

Five battle packs (1,000 rounds) come in one case.

I have one unopened case and an opened case of 3 sealed battle packs for a total of 8 battle packs.

I will sell all 1,600 rounds (8 battle packs) for $575 (0.36 per)

I will sell one unopened case of 1,000 rounds (5 battle packs) for $380 (0.38 per)

1 will sell one open case of 600 rounds (3 battle packs) for $240 (0.40 per)

I will sell individual sealed battle packs of 200 rounds each for $90 (0.45 per)

I will not split a battle pack - 200 rounds is the smallest amount I will sell.

Please PM with any questions. If you see this still listed, it is still for sale. There is no need to PM asking only that.

All sales to be in cash FTF in the Austin area. I am not looking for any trades and I will not ship, so please don't ask.
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