$50 Obamacare plan


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Jul 31, 2011
hill co.
ABC just did a little segment talking about those smart Hollywood people supporting Obamacare and Obama pushing how half the people who sign up can get "quality healthcare for under $50".

Then they dropped the bomb. $50 bronze plan come with a $5000 deductible! It covers nothing until that deductible is met. So what insurance is used for 99%of the time will NOT be covered and will most likely never add up to the deductible.

The only ones who could possible get anything out of this will be a very small percentage who have a major accident and those with very expensive pre-existing conditions.

Now lets look at the penalty. 1% of your income. You have a choice to pay $600 a year for insurance which will most likely pay nothing back to you or pay what will most likely be much less than that as a penalty unless you make more than $60,000 a year.

Considering that $50 plan is for a single person and looks likes its being lined towards you get people and those with low income the penalty would most likely be more like $200/year.

Now lets get to the sad part. There is a scary number of people who have no idea what all the numbers on an insurance plan mean.

They pushed the exact same plan at work (cheaper though IIRC) and I had a long discussion about it with the BCBS rep because she was very misleading about what the plan provided and very reluctant to admit what it did not. I assume she thought we would be an easy sell and many would have been. I told her how I felt about that and after taking the "new" gold plan (actually, it was the old silver plan) I went back with the packet and explained to the other guys waiting just what the plan was and what it was not. Most said they got the same pitch and thanked me for letting them know.

I went off on that story because it is the same thing they are doing with this Obamacare plan. They are building it up as "quality health coverage" to a younger generation who will probably not know what they are buying or how little coverage it really is until they get sick and the doctors office asks for cash. That is the only way they will get enough people to sign up for these plans to keep the system alive. If they for sign up the system will defund itself because it will take an enormous pool of pay-ins who can not get anything out in order to cover the cost of allowing those with expensive Pre-existing conditions to sign up at a guaranteed loss.

If the young generation does hold out and I can only imagine the scrambling the libs will do in an effort to secure enough funding to prop up this debacle.


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Dec 24, 2012
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The whole thing is a disaster in progress. Most, if not all, insurance is way too complicated for the average person. Now on top of that, they are having it SHOVED down their throats with no way to get reliable, expedient and in reality, affordable health care without being persecuted, prosecuted, and in my opinion unfairly taxed. Whatever happened to a government of the people, by the people, and FOR THE PEOPLE? Washington D.C. is slicing it's own throat with plan.


Mar 1, 2009
All just part of Obamacare's planned failure so the Libs can institute a single payer system.


Mar 5, 2008
The next few years before 2016 are going to be hilarious as the facts of ObamaCare come out and Joe Sixpack finds out how much it is going to cost him. I can't wait to rub it in.

M. Sage

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Jan 21, 2009
San Antonio
I'm pretty sure that you have to be under a certain age (30? 35?) to even qualify to use that plan without getting hit with the fine that's called a tax so that you don't get your day in court.

All just part of Obamacare's planned failure so the Libs can institute a single payer system.
Yep. This new system was designed to fail from the ground up.


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