6 dead, dying or obsolete handgun cartridges. An article by Field n Stream.


Dec 15, 2019
Nowhere.....Just here in East Texas.
I don't think 40S&W is going anywhere. It was the premier LE cartridge for almost 20 years. It just won't be quite as popular.

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It may have achieved most of it's popularity because many LE agencies went to using the 40, over the 9mm, but if you look at pistol sales, I believe it's one of the top three picks for consumers.


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Jul 1, 2008
Didn't S&W clone the 32 H&R Mag and call it the .327?
The .327Fed is a lot more powerful than .32H&R.....close in ballistics to 9mm. Ironically, .327Fed may be what has revitalized interest in .32H&R and .32S&W Long. All of them work in .327 revolvers and make effective SD rounds. But the H&R and Long rounds have far less recoil. This video explains it better.....

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Apr 11, 2010
A friend of mine has a 45gap subcompact. He hates finding ammo for it. I've offered to take it off his hands cheap but he hasn't gotten yet. I can reload for it so it's not so bad for ammo.

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May 28, 2008
Mustang Ridge
Even the factory ammo for the 10mm is watered down. 10mm is another one that needs handloads to realize it's full potential. Awesome round too. Definitely on my short list of pistols I would like to have.

Dame guys that complain about the recoil of the 40, would probably pee their britches if they shot a 10mm! Handloaded 10mm would probably break their delicate wrists too.

I have long thought the 40 would be a interesting cartridge to use in fully-auto submachine gun!
You are shooting the wrong 10mm then, lol.


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May 15, 2008
Gonzales, Texas
The only place that I've ever seen 45GAP pistols or ammo is GT Distributors in Austin. They still post ammo for sale on their GunBroker page. I never saw a need for another .45 besides ACP so I never was interested in 45GAP.

I'll always have 40SW pistols because I like the caliber. I never considered it until the Great Sandy Hook Ammo Shortage when 40 was the only caliber readily available.
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