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A German shows how to reassemble HK/PTR-91 bolt on the bolt Carrier.

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  • Laufer

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    Feb 18, 2022
    Lakeland/Memphis TN
    Just bought the latest rifle (and first roller-delayed); suddenly and unexpectedly my favorite gun, the PTR-91 A3SK.

    >> He is a retired Luftwaffe MSGT still living in Germany<<, here using a 'borrowed' G3, and not only did the Wehrmacht also use this method, No Tools were allowed.:)
    Portugal and Norway also used this method. Some 'European' Designated Marksmen reportedly still use the rifles.

    My use of a thin rubber Jar Lid Gripper really helps, even when rotating/pulling the --dry-- stainless steel bolt.

    This is the simplest method I've tried, although removing the bolt doesn't seem necessary very often, if a bit of grease (i.e. Mobil One) is applied to the somewhat magical :exercise: (here is a human 'roller')/ mysterious Locking Piece.

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