A happy new year for tgt. Let's make 2014 a safe and joyious year


Feb 25, 2013
Yeah I thought the 'joyious' was a bit over the top as well, but for every sad event, it seems like we've been blessesd by two more.. SO... for all those we have in prayer now, from Kattie, Elbe, and Jerads friend.. to those we pray for quietly..

Dear lord, please know how grateful we are for those blessings, and if it's your will we pray that you might continue to watch over us, hold those in pain in the palm of your hands..guide all of us to show love respect, and forgivenes to others, and embrace this wonderful life you've given us..

Protect and watch over our friends as we do our best to honor you with our lives, and deeds.. We know there are so many ways we can help our "own", please guide us to reach out to all, knowing that only through your grace are we not in need.. Lord you teach us that being in need is no sin, but ignoring others in need is.. please guide us to 'live' our faith.. and thank you for it..

If it's your will thank you for everything in this wonderful life.. Starting with the friendships this site has made possible..

In your holy name, that 2014 can be a new start for some, a way forward for others, and safe and sound for all. .

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Feb 12, 2013
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