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  • 2ManyGuns

    Revolver's, get one, shoot the snot out of it!
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    Jan 31, 2010
    Somewhere in Texas!
    The other weekend I started drying some of my habanero peppers for "storage". I realized I did not have a way to crush them into a "fine" texture. My smart ass self decided to buy a mortar and pestle so I could grind them and any future herbs or peppers I may grow. Yesterday evening I went to the garden and picked another 75 or so habanero peppers, these are HUGE peppers, almost the size of the bagged limes you find in an HEB. So this morning around 10:30 I began the drying process, by 3 PM they are dry, cooled and ready to crush. This is my first time crushing this way, before long it was OH SHIT, my nose was running, eyes watering, sneezing. I had to go and get an N95 mask to finish this task. My creation of "Blow your brains outta your head Habanero Peppers", is a success, painful, but a success. I now have about 10 dry ounces of "Blow your brains outta your head Habanero Peppers"


    Fux with the best, Die like the rest
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    Oct 17, 2012
    Temple TX
    Warning, Warning do not crush the peppers without gloves and then go pee. The song burning love comes to mind.
    Lol, I was at a party once and had to raid the fridge for milk and butter to soothe the burning after pissing off a deck and eating some incredibly high Scofield heat rated wings
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