Academy can go AUTOFORNICATE!


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Feb 26, 2020
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I had an experience with a rude Academy employee at the beginning of this past holiday shopping season. A carefully worded complaint to Academy customer service via email garnered a phone call/ apology plus a 10% discount on an upcoming purchase which I gladly put to good use.

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Aug 4, 2014
Hmm. Wow. How to respond... Obviously I'm a bit biased and think you should be spending your money at the LGS. Academy gets a TON of free press on this board and they don't contribute anything (sponsor dollars or forum posts). In a backhanded sort of way, I'm glad you had a bad experience. But you've been loyal to Academy, the impersonal big box store that pays their employees $9-$13/hr. They have "corporate type" rules that don't allow anyone to take a trigger lock off the gun and dry fire. Imagine that. So they prevent that guy from walking in, stepping back from the counter, and pulling a loaded magazine our of their pocket that just happens to fit the gun. Do the kids working the counter at Academy carry? No? So, while I never like to defend the competition, in this case, I'll say their policy isn't unreasonable. If you want to try a gun, go to a range and rent one. Then you get the full effect. Holding a gun and firing it are quite different. And if you're comparing a 38 snubbie to a 380 Shield, well, you REALLY need to fire both.

If there is a defect, yes, that goes to the manf. If you find a defect in the car in the parking lot that you wouldn't have in the store without dry firing it, ...really? I doubt it. But, no, you cannot buy a gun and leave and then return it to ANY gun store I've ever heard of.

Now, as for dry firing, again, do you want to buy a gun that 100 other people have put their cheetoes stained fingers on and pulled the trigger 500 times or so? I had a Colt Commander on the shelf and guy says "can you order me a new one? This looks used." Well, apparently a few too many people did exactly what you asked and there were microscratches on the slide from people's rings or whatever and racking the slide and dry firing. So, again, not unreasonable. Having said that, I've even unloaded my gun before (P365XL) to let someone see how the trigger feels or went in my office to retrieve a Ruger GP100 or my Glock so people could compare. I even let them fingerbang my $4000 1911 to see what a "real" trigger feels like or try the triggers in competition rifles. I spend 30 minutes doing a free "here's how to hold a gun and aim correctly" class. What price do you put on good service?

But then you went to three other stores. If you handled the same few guns at three different stores, that's a problem. They feel the same in each store. If you went to three stores because nobody had it in stock, well, okay. Add that travel time and fuel to the cost of the guns. Realize in "normal" times, a store makes about 12% gross on a gun. Minus credit card fees, that's 9%. On a $500 gun, that's $45. Divide that by the many people who wanted to dry fire and rack the slide and demo three different guns and then walk out to price shop with their "free" info, and, well, it barely covers the hourly wage of the employee working the counter. That's reality.

But I hope you do start to build a relationship with your LGS. And if he's a few dollars more than Academy, but he lets you dry fire the guns or explains why a gun is better or not, respect that and pay him for his service (by buying the gun from him). But if you're like most people (like the CTD haters), then as soon as you get a 10% off coupon, you'll be back in the store. Short memories. Notice Gander Mtn isn't around anymore. The "let people feel the guns and then price shop us" model didn't work so well.

Final story. I went to Academy to buy a spotting scope. Kinda cheap but not free, $300 or so. Old grumpy guy (like me, but worse). I turn the focus knob and I don't think it's changing focus. I tell the guy "I think the focus knob is broken." As he takes it out of my hand he says "Well, what you expect. It's a cheap scope." Huh???

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Nov 7, 2015
Your perspective reminds of the guys who go into a cigar store, then go into the big humidor, take a single cigar out of the box, run it under their nose, squeeze it and put it back.

Now, you pick out the same cigar to smoke...not knowing all the guys who just had to feel it, smell it and generally fondle it...nice...


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Apr 6, 2017
I've never walked into a gun store and bought a gun without working the action, and pulling the trigger.

Evidently several of ya'll have.
And that's the rub. For some reason people treat Academy like a gun store. It is not a "gun store" the same way Oshman's (when I worked there as a kid), or Bass Pro is not strictly a "gun store." I would expect to be able to test the working parts of a gun I was about to purchase at a true gun store that is staffed with people who understand guns, as opposed to buying a gun from a sporting goods store where the guy selling you the gun just sold a pair of Reeboks 30 minutes prior.

I'm not slamming you on this, but using your thought because people can't seem to wrap their head around there being a difference between a timecard punching snot-nosed punk who barely knows the difference between a Sig and a squirt gun, and someone who makes his or her living knowing the ins and outs of each gun and accessory in their store.

With that said, it is the corporate policy of many sporting goods stores to keep everything locked down for the "safety" of their employees. I accept that because I have been through it when I worked at Oshman's, and heard several stories of really bad things happening when some criminal got hold of a weapon at the gun counter to use on the employees. I can expect most of the people in true guns stores are carrying and loaded, and are ready for the idiot or criminal who walks in. The same can't be said of the $12 an hour kid behind the counter at Academy. Because of that reasoning, I accept it and know if I want real help and knowledge, I will head to a real gun store for my gun purchases, and leave Academy and Bass Pro for when I need some ammo, sneakers or socks.



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