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    Please follow the following rules. Failure to do so will result in your thread being locked and/or deleted. Continuous infractions will result in you being banned from the Classifieds section.

    No Firearm Sales

    Most are just common sense.

    To post a classified you must have a minimum of 25 posts on the forum.

    1. No Commercial Sales at this Point. If you are a company and wish to sell your product on the website, please email me.

    2. Please limit discussion in the threads. It's OK if you have positive comments regarding something being sold, but please do not turn the sellers thread into your personal vent.

    3. Prices are set by the seller. If the price is too high for you, then send them an email and discuss it, or just continue about your business. I will not accept people posting "So-and-so has this for $5 cheaper".

    4. Unscrupulous selling practices are verboten. Please do not try to hide something from other members, or short change the story on a particular item. Instances of these practices may result in you being banned from the classifieds section, or from the forum period.

    5. If your item is sold please close your thread, or PM me to close it for you.

    Rules are subject to change.

    If you cannot post a new thread, please see this :
    Please reply by conversation.
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