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Action Item: HB1164

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    Nov 21, 2008
    Friendswood, TX
    HB1164 would put stun guns in the same "prohibited weapons" category as machine guns and it would require a person to take a course similar to a CHL course (designed by DPS) and obtain a license like a CHL (processed by DPS) to even possess a stun gun in your home. The license would also authorize you to carry a stun gun. The qualifications for a stun gun would be similar or identical for a CHL.

    If this bill passes, the chronic delays in processing and issuing CHLs are going to increase dramatically! Please contact Representative Frost, Vice-Chairman of House Public Safety Committee, and Representative Vo, Member of Public Safety Committee, and politely ask them to oppose HB1164. Not only is there no need for this legislation, the DPS CHL processing delays will be horrendous!


    Rep. Frost Contact Info.
    Rep. Vo Contact Info.


    TGT Addict
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    May 29, 2017
    Austin, TX
    This could be throttled as a law that would expose women to risk quite clearly.

    A pocket knife is far more deadly at the effective range of a stun gun. This is sensationalist hogwash that needs to be crushed, shredded, trashed, incinerated, and buried deep beneath the ground.


    New Member
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    Mar 25, 2009
    ... Have stun guns even been an issue anywhere?

    It's nuts.

    During the evac for Hurricane Rita, when I was returning to Southeast Texas, I was stopped at a Lowes while my father was purchasing a generator cord. A "good samaritan" had called into 911 indicating that someone was stealing a truck in the Lowes parking lot.

    To make a long story short, I was held by Harris County deputies for stealing my own truck! Once they realized I was the owner, they removed the handcuffs. However, they still had questions. Not about the rangebags full of ammo, or all the handguns in the truck, or even the evil black triplets; AR15 rifle, shotgun, and Remi 700 PSS rifle. They didnt even look at my CHL. They questioned me on my possession of an M18 Tazer! Even though they all were wearing the new and improved version, they handled it like it was from outerspace! They wanted to know why I had it, where I got it, what I planned on using it for, and if it was registered! When I said that it was not required to be registered, they went so far as to call my local sheriffs office to see if they had a record of it!

    To keep this in the spirit of the topic, I contacted both Rep. Ritter and Sen. Williams. Each one seemed to react favorably to opposing this bill if it makes it to the floor.
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