Active Shooter at Robb Elementary in Uvalde

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  • single stack

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    Oct 27, 2011
    For those SJW's politicizing this tragedy in the media, it is a cultural/mental health issue, not a gun issue.

    The media, the lies, the lack of fathers in families, the purposeful degrading of the Judeo Christian values this country was built on, and the outright brainwashing, ad infinitum, in our schools.

    If they want more gun laws, move their ass to Chicago ...
    Also, most states have eliminated or squandered mental health programs and initiatives. Even prisons lack mental wards.
    Without proper identification and care the troubled folks go off the deep end into criminality and insanity.
    Lowly school counselors and staff are afraid to identify a child as troubled, lest they be attacked by the troubled pervs in the administration.


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    Jan 25, 2020
    Cedar Creek, Tx
    • I've seen at least one large organization make a deliberate decision to prioritize access control over the ability to evacuate in an emergency. I may not agree with the choice but organizations do sometimes make that choice.

    It's a common choice and a fairly easy one. Just because all "normal" ingress/egress is tightly funneled doesn't mean that is where all thought must end, and we must all die in congested exits.

    The simple solution is many exits which are not in "normal" use, and are opened in the event of an emergency. We have all seen these doors everywhere, they're labeled "Emergency Exits".

    From there it's a simple thing where we then decide how tightly to lock down the emergency exits. Do we just put a simple alarm on them, do we keep them locked and if so, how easy do we make it to open them?

    A quick check suggests that the last time a school had a fire which killed more than ten students was 1954 ( School building codes have come a long way in our lifetimes, and fire just isn't a significant issue. Someone with more knowledge can hopefully chime in, but my understanding is that for earthquakes, the policy is that children remain sheltered inside, so exits would also be irrelevant. What about tornadoes? How does that policy work?

    Anyways, no one is claiming that emergency exits are 100% secure, but no one is claiming that having SEAL team 6 walking the halls of your local school is 100% secure, either. There is no 100%, so anyone who whines about imperfection is creating a straw man -- we'll never get to perfect. All that we can do is strive to improve, and secured single ingress/egress is an improvement.

    We don't have tons of money to spend, but if we quit financing foreigners / illegals, we'll certainly have a starting point without raising spending. Seal up all the exits except 1 and put an armed guard behind some protection inside. Make the other exits "emergency only", and let the safety experts dial in the level of lockdown on those exits.

    Lastly, don't think that for one second that even if every school in America were protected by God Himself that the killing of innocent children will stop. Psychos will just go to the children's ward in hospitals or local playgrounds or little-league baseball games or etc. It's the same end result as gun control -- people are the problem, not guns, so until you fix the broken freaks out there (and stop creating so many new ones), we'll always have these tragedies.


    Muh state lines
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    Sep 22, 2017
    No access point can truly be made one way.

    Absolutely true. The Parkland HS shooter got into the locked down school through a door left propped open.

    Hardening without turning the school into a military installation only goes so far.


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    Jul 23, 2011
    Little Elm
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