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Nov 2, 2011
san antonio
I went to Liberty Gun show in Live Oak with some money burning a hole in my pocket on Saturday. I got there before doors opened so I could get a new hunting rig. Prices in that place were messed up and the selection was poor. They were much better months ago but quality of show has gone down hill fast. I was driving home down San Pedro and found a new gun shop called Adelbridge & Co. Firearms. The prices were OK on most stuff but it turns out I knew the guy behind the counter- Trey. I picked up a Savage Hog Hunter- price was OK but Trey got me a deal on a Burris Full Field to go with it (not the Chinese made Full Field II). I took the gun out to Bracken Range today and it shot lights out. I have heard that the gun is a gimmick but it is nothing but a short barreled Savage 10 which is perfect for blind hunting and threaded for when I get my can. Under $500 and .75 MOA with Sierra 168grn Match Kings is hard to argue with.


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Jan 23, 2009
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Hmmmm....went to the Liberty show Schoolmarm a Inox Beretta Tomcat that'd I'd been looking for for over a year at a better price than I'd seen the blued models for, an' a box of .32 hardball for $15. Most of the ammo WAS overpriced, but there were some interesting guns there, including one dealer from Beeville that WILL be sellin' me a Henry .44 mag shortly!


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Jan 3, 2010
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