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AK build tools (Austin)

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  • Bravodigger

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    I've got some AK build tools mostly from for sale in Austin. I'd prefer a ftf transaction simply because the tools are so bulky and heavy, but I'm not against shipping. I've used these tools for two builds and everything is like new with the exception of the spot welder which was used before but the tongs only have the use of the two builds. Here's the list:

    -AK Builder flat bending die, this one is the 1.5mm version, if you prefer the 1mm punch it can be had for $65 at the AK Builder site, and will work with this die.
    -AK Builder rivet tool, this is the best one you can get!
    -AK Builder trigger guard rivet jig
    -harbor freight spot welder with AK Builder tongs (I can include the stock tongs also)
    -1/4" end mill, 7mm reamer, 5mm reamer, AK Builder gas port drill bit
    -harbor freight 12 ton shop press

    I'll sell everything as a package deal for $700 if you don't need the shop press I can knock some off the price for that. I'm hoping to sell the build tools all together if I don't sell the whole package soon I'll part the set out.

    Also so not mentioned above, I have a 1/2 horsepower craftsman drill press I may sell with the set if you need one.
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    Apr 11, 2010
    Whoever buys these, I'd like to rent them from you long enough to meet up and build 1-2 receivers!

    Wish I could afford this stuff.
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