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Discussion in 'Rifles' started by D-Day, Nov 4, 2009.

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    Mar 8, 2009
    San Antonio
    I was looking around and thought about building an AK. I have read a little about it, however still would like some help. I have seen some kits with Barrels and without. If anyone has any general information as to what is needed to build one from a kit I would appreciate it. I understand I need a Kit, barrel and receiver, but is there anything else? If there are any builders local to San Antonio that might want to teach someone, I would be glad to accept. Thanks

  2. M. Sage

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    Jan 21, 2009
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    Kit w/barrel, receiver, good rivets (AKbuilder.com has the best from what I've been told by those who know more than I do), some 922(r) compliance parts and the tools to mash the rivets.

    You can do a screw build, but I prefer rivets simply because that's how it's designed to be. :p A screw build would probably be Ok, and without really special tools you'll wind up having to use screws and a plate to put your trigger guard on anyway, but that riveting tool is expensive.

    For mashing the rivets, modified bolt cutters, a home-built rivet head plate, a big vise and bigger hammer worked awesome for mine.

    Importation of barrels has been banned by the BATFE, so unless you get lucky and find a pre-ban imported kit, you'll be getting a US-made barrel, which is good because you'll have 1 more 922(r) part toward your count and you know it won't be shot-out, but the bad part is that it won't be chrome-lined like most AK barrels should be. The other bad part is that you won't have a numbers-matched AK so your headspacing may be out, so add some headspace gauges into the mix (you should check anyway!).

    For 922(r), this should help: Gunwiki: 922(r) Worksheet for AK-47 Builds

    US parts you're probably going to want, at a minimum a trigger, a muzzle brake and a pistol grip. Your receiver is going to be US-made and if you get a new post-ban kit, it'll have a US-made barrel so that's two parts right there. Whatever you do, the gas piston is one of the harder parts to replace with a US part (you have to grind, drill and then rivet). A lot of newbies think that would be a good one to swap, but it isn't, especially when there are pistol grips that are so much better than that skinny POS that most countries issued the AK with. My fave is the TAPCO SAW-style grip.

    At this point, it may be cheaper and easier to simply buy a new imported AK.

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