Almost had my first shotgun today.


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Dec 28, 2012
Cedar Park
Well I got a chance to at least look at my new Tristar 12 guage semi-auto with 28" barrel today up at a local FFL, unfortunately the NICS is backed up for the holidays (I'm assuming, either that or FBI finally had an issue with my super common name, Chris Smith) so I didn't get to take it home today. Regardless it seems like a very well constructed firearm, even the FFL guy commented he was quite impressed at it for the $300 and change spent on it.

After doing a full strip all the machining seemed quite solid. The bolt had very clean tooling marks, nothing rougher than is on my other Turkish gun (my Sarsilmaz 9mm) which has run flawless for over 1200 rounds. All the coating was uniform and no rough spots felt in the action itself.

The action feels heavy but that is only from the reference point of my AR so my shotgun newb opinion on that is quite subjective, I really don't know how heavy a gas powered shotgun is supposed to feel. Function check seemed fine, bolt locked back properly and loading gate moved up during the feed cycle. Loading gate seems to move out of the way easily enough where I think it will work dandy for fast reloads in 3 gun.

Barrel was incredibly clean looking, super shiny and polished with no noticeable defects. Gas piston had a very good seal in the gas ring and was nice and polished.

Two things about it pleasantly surprised me though. For one the trigger on it feels great, probably only a 6-7 lbs pull and a clean break with a very short overtravel. It is somewhat long on the creep and a bit gritty (although that should smooth out) but nothing excessive especially considering scatterguns are a bit forgiving with pulling your shots. Two I had been researching attaching magazine extensions on this and found a fair amount of videos that showed it to be possible with an 870/1100 extension, but the end of the magazine had a roll crimp on the end that all the guys on youtube showed had to be filed off. Take it apart to look and they have apparently changed their design to where it is a straight tube all the way to the end and the cap (not the screw cap on the end of the forearm but the cap inside to keep the magazine spring/hunting plug from flying out when you take the screw cap off) is held in place by tabs that fit into two slots on the sides of the magazine tube. This is a big plus as I don't have to kill the 4 year warranty (which I've heard good reviews on) in order to install the mag extension.

Only one thing struck me as odd about it and that was that the top of the vented rib looked and felt like a damn metal file. I'm assuming this is to grip into your shoulder if you are doing the barrel in the air holding the buttstock carry but who knows. It might make it hard to put a brass bead sight on if I ever want to go that route although I'm sure the red fiberoptic on it will serve me just fine.

Here's a picture of the gun although the one I got doesn't look quite like this:

Only 3 differences between this picture and the gun I got. The loss of that ribbing at the end of the forearm, its just smooth in that spot with the checkering on the side. The forearm screw cap looked more like a Benelli M2 cap now. Lastly the buttstock doesn't have the V shaped vented recoil pad just an even 1" or so solid but very squishy pad. Will definitely post pictures of mine when she gets to come home by Friday at the latest.

Just figured I'd give you guys a detailed initial review in case you were curious about this budget Turkey gun. Should be taking it out to BOTW to break it in this weekend (weather permitting ofc). If anyone wants to join me and maybe show me to the ropes on skeet I will be more than happy to let you try her out. Any suggestions on what load varieties I should try out in her, like I said I'm totally new to shotguns and looking at the shells at the stores I'm a bit confused on all the different types.


Jul 19, 2013
The rib is rough to prevent glare and shouldn't cause a problem if you want to change the front sight


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Dec 28, 2012
Cedar Park
The rib is rough to prevent glare and shouldn't cause a problem if you want to change the front sight
Ahhh that makes sense. I've only seen guns with the vented rib that has the corrugated look on it that runs lengthwise. Good to know it wont cause problems with the front sight.


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Oct 16, 2012
Dog, lets hit the range again. I know some about shotguns and their loads. Semi autos are soft shooters so thats nice.

Does it have screw in chokes or?

If your going for 3 gun do they just shoot light bird shot?


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Dec 28, 2012
Cedar Park
Good to know.

Yes it does have screw in Beretta/Benelli style chokes, comes with 3 (Improved, Modified and Full) and the choke removal tool.

Pretty sure they use light birdshot for 3 gun but once again I'm a newb and I'm pretty sure they have a minimum or maximum amount of shot you can use or size or something, I really don't know for sure....once again newb lol.

One other thing, the manufacturer suggests doing a breakin with 20 heavy load rounds to smooth out the action a bit. Does this basically mean just buckshot or are there heavy birdshot loads?
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Jan 27, 2013
my Wife wanted a semi 12ga and spotted this TriStar at a WalMart (ironically on our way to an outdoor range for a day's shooting) - she likes it much - we both shot it and agreed that, for the $s, it's a pretty good gun (I also have a Mossy 500 20ga pump short barrel, pistol grip - which I like - she doesn't)

we're not hunters so our shotguns are for HD and the range only



Sep 29, 2011
my dad has the tristar that is semi and pump. Kind of like a SPAS 12


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