Ammo manufacturing (Primers)


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Jan 23, 2009
I was in a heated debate the other day over the fact that primer manufacture is a human performed hand-crafted task and this is part of the primer shortage / ammo shortage.
Currently there is no machine that can duplicate the subtle touch and feel required to spread the primer compound into the primer cup other than a human.
Now if I am wrong show your reference!

I at one time had a 10 video on the step by step process of making primers at the Winchester factory. Can't find it anywhere - maybe on a flash drive somewhere???

Anyway I found this video that skims the entire ammo manufacturing process.
In the middle you see a lady filling primer cups and its all done by hand.

Anyway here ya go - just a cool video to see!


Apr 14, 2009
very very cool video...thanks mmm...tx
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