An open letter to Republicans on their bellyaching over media bias


Sep 5, 2013
As an independent my choices these days are limited to Democrats who seem most interested in trying to take my rights and belongings away "for my own good" and Republicans who can't seem to get out of the country club long enough to realize the deep dissatisfaction most of the country has with Democrat policies that are largely blamed on Republicans.

Here is my issue though. For years, maybe decades now, Republicans have been whining about how unfair the media treats them. Life is unfair. War is unfair. Get used to it. Do something about it. Complaining doesn't make the problem go away. I can complain all I want about bills but unless I go to work everyday I won't have the money to pay them off. Right, I didn't get to my issue though. You know they are biased, but you routinely play into the hands of your enemies.

Let's use the recent government shutdown. Quite a few politicians said they felt pressure to reach some kind of deal because of how they were being portrayed in the media. Oh really? That was your motivation? Let me spell out how that worked for you.

While Republicans were fighting the President, most headlines read -

"Republicans are mustache twirling villains! Why do they hate babies and puppies so much?"

But now that the shutdown is over and a deal has been reached the headlines read -

"Republicans once again prove they are a bunch of ineffectual craven cowards. Obama spanks Republicans en masse."

Good job. Wonderful PR you've got going for you.

At what point will you figure out that no matter what you do, the media will NEVER make you look good?

At the very least, quit playing into their hands. The media doesn't care because they know that the second they shove a microphone and a camera in your face you'll smile, straighten your tie, smooth back your hair and give them a statement they will then use to quote you out of context. Just once, or maybe all the time, I'd like to see Republican politicians grow a pair, quit worrying about the media, and blow off reporters. Why talk to them at all? They're just going to make you look stupid and/or evil.

If I am going to be given the choice between being portrayed as a villain or a coward, I will take villain. At least if I am effective people might believe I can get something accomplished. Your constituents don't believe the news and think they are biased. The independents largely don't believe the news and believe they are biased. When I see a poll saying people blamed Republicans more for the shutdown than the President I scoffed! I say that as a former Democrat. I know better! The ONLY people who believe this crap and the Dems, and you're not going to win them over anyway!

However, no one important will ever see this and if they did they wouldn't take it to heart. Instead, here is what will happen. Republicans will continue to simper and whine while lining up for their next interview or sound bite. They will complain about Ted Cruz and Rand Paul because they actually believe in something. You can debate how good they are, their intentions, their intelligence, or whatever, but at least they stand for something. The rest of you? Suck. If you took every Senator and Congressperson that had an (R) after their name and counted all the good ones I would probably still have fingers left over. If you're a good one but so far in the background no one knows about it, then what good are you?

You can't go into an unfair fight expecting it to be fair and still win. You can't win an unfair fight by complaining it is unfair. You can ONLY win an unfair fight by acknowledging it is unfair and then fighting accordingly.


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Dec 23, 2012
I firmly believe there is going to be some major house cleaning of old incumbents this next cycle.


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Aug 21, 2013
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I firmly believe there is going to be some major house cleaning of old incumbents this next cycle.
IIRC, there was a donkey shoot in 1994, and look where we are today. Something else needs to fundamentally change if there is to be any progress in ridding this country of divide and pander politics.


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Mar 28, 2008
The ONLY cure to what is happenning in this country is to join the VOI party! Vote OUT Incumbants! No matter what party, no matter what you perceive they have done, vote them out and keep doing it until the message is received.


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Jan 17, 2013
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The ONLY cure to what is happenning in this country is to join the VOI party! Vote OUT Incumbants! No matter what party, no matter what you perceive they have done, vote them out and keep doing it until the message is received.
And if you can't bring yourself to vote for a particular party to Vote OUT Incumbant, then vote out the incumbant in your primary.


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Jul 15, 2011
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If the incumbent wins the primary. Ted cruze for example. Are you suggesting we vote for anti 2a dems? Or you mean vote them out in primaries?

General Zod

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Sep 29, 2012
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Primaries are the only sensible time to try to vote out the incumbents. We do NOT want the dems to have another takeover - that's how we got saddled with Obamacare.


Sep 5, 2013
I don't think it's enough to vote 'em out at this point. The Democrats learned some hard lessons in 2004 and the Republicans had their version of 2012, right down to a losing candidate from Massachusetts. Maybe they'll do like the Dems and recover from it. Ted Cruz is following a similar trajectory as Obama, and don't think the media doesn't notice and isn't scared to death of him.

That said, it's not the individuals, but the party as a whole. They continue to cater to a hostile media. I think of it like being surprised that the snarling dog bit you!

Maybe you can bypass them with social media or alternative media. Whatever, maybe, I don't care. That's not even the point. Whether they pursue or don't pursue other venues is pointless until they stop giving quotes to reporters and stop basing their actions and policies on how the mainstream media portrays them. Say what you like about G.W. Bush or Obama, they did manage to get a lot of what they wanted by thumbing their nose at the opposition and doing it anyway.


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