Another Question on CC and parking lots


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Nov 21, 2008
Hey, I have heard that an employer can have a policy against cc, and that limits your ability to keep your gun in your car.

I also know that it is legal to take your gun onto school property, but not the premises.

What if you are student. I don't think of myself as an employee, but I thought of this and was wondering if anyone had any ideas.

Here is my basic question:

Can a university prevent its students from keeping a concealed gun in their car, if they park on the university's parking lot?



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May 28, 2008
Ft Worth, TX
Of course they can have a policy, but it does not carry the weight of law. You could be expelled, but not charged criminally.

A Private college that gives you 30.06 notice makes it illegal for you to carry in whatever locations that notice covers.
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