Any laws pertaining to a concealed shotgun/rifle?


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Jul 25, 2008
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Both times I was charged with un-lawful carrying. I had no drugs, and no other crimes were committed. Which was my first question, why did you pull me over in the first place. Anyway what happened was when he asked for my insurance, I opened the glove box and he saw the mags, mind you that the pistol was in the trunk. Ran the numbers and figured it was mine. Still had to go to jail for UCF, and had no other charges, to this day I still dont know why he even pulled me over. Bailed out went to court, got it dismissed, couple months later they gave me back my pistol. Second time, got pulled over, cops asked me if I had anything in the car, I told him I have my personal firearm, again went to jail same charge same thing happen, couple months later they gave it back. The long gun case was kinda different, it had belong to my father and I was pretty much in front of the house, they had a lot to say and none of it was that I was legal, but they did let me go.So what did I do wrong according to H.B 1815. Both times I was traveling, and there is no definition to traveling. But what am I suspossed to do, fight with the cop, resist arrest. You gotta take it (with no vaseline). Wish it wasnt that way, and I dont want to say it ---but---yes I am a young black man, and yes my car does have rims
Sounds like grounds for a civil suit. Not for discrimination. But for violation of your civil rights. Sue the officers and the department. That's the only way they will learn, sometimes. I say teach 'em a lesson about civil rights. Get in their pocket.



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