Any thoughts on this Vets point of view on "good guy with a gun"?

Discussion in 'News Articles' started by austinbirdnut, Nov 19, 2017.

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    Exactly... Too bad it wasn't at the top of the article so I could have saved myself from reading the rantings of some mentally deranged fag that I wouldn't piss on if he was on fire.

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    Having gone thru basic in prep for GOING to war, Vietnam, FT Polk La, Jan '67. Certainly long, hard arduous training. In that training there is a LOT of hurry up and wait or concurrent training going on. We did not spend 1000's or even hundreds of hours shooting our M 14's.

    In fact the prime focus in Basic is physical and mental prep for your time in the Army and if you are going to fight. You have to understand what the typical soldier looks like on day on...what is typical is that they are untypical: Fat, thin, weak, strong, smart and dumb with everything in between. Cannot march, which by the day you spend a LOT of hours learning to march the only guys that had an edge on that was kids that were in the band at school.

    I came in at 6'2", 121 lbs, a few months later I was headed to Vietnam, at almost 6'3", 206 lbs. I had gone from a 28/35 size in Levis 501's when I came in to a 26/36 size, but my legs were so big I had to buy 32/36 Levis to get my legs in the jeans, then have the waist cut down.

    As for shooting, you learn to zero your M 14 and to shoot at various distances out to 300M. They start out by breaking us into 2 groups, those who had experience shooting a rifle and those who had never shot... About half the days we went to the range we marched, leaving at 0500 and arriving at 0700, eating chow then training.

    I will tell you the actual time I spent with that M 14 in a live fire mode is measured in a few hours. Zero, static target firing at various ranges, then shoot and move lanes, then qualify for record.

    Retired Infantry 67-94
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    Lunyfringe, I agree the 2nd amendment was there because the founding fathers feared the government that they had founded. They also were not really that fond of a standing army because of how they knew it could be misused and at that time in history were confident that having a trained civilian population and ocean barriers would allow them time to give those civilians the training.

    Well the ocean barrier isn't what it once was but the trained civilian population is still a deterring force to bad guys both inside and outside of the government. I appreciate his service but that doesn't mean that the author is someone that I have to listen to or immediately bow down to his opinion. You know what they say about opinions and rear ends everyone has one and most of the time both smell.

    When I was competitive shooting, we had law enforcement officers shoot with us at times. Guess what, they were the worst shooter in the whole group, because their gun training and range time was a fraction of what we all had. I would say from volunteering and helping with the local police force that gun training is only 10 - 15% of their training time due to the complexity of their job. I still have ten times the training and range time that the officers that I help have, that inspite of our organization donating a lot of ammo to the force.

    I don't know what the current armed forces consume in ammo now, but my cousin who retired Special Forces after 20 years in stated that right after Vietnam he wouldn't trust any of the Army infantry around him with live ammo. They just didn't get the training necessary due to cost cutting, I imagine it has greatly improved from then but still is Army training better than what is available outside of the Army and are we going to station Army and Police personnel at every corner, if not then a armed and trained civilian is still the best deterring force out there for fast response.
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    Ah - only one stripe in your pajamas, turn sideways & stick out your tongue, you look like a zipper, drink a red soda pop & you look like a thermometer - yeah, I was that guy too.
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    Good guys with guns have been stopping bad guys with guns since gunpowder was first invented. Yes, many of those good guys were trained military fighters but many were also relatively untrained civilians. Anyone arguing against that fact is merely opening his mouth and proving himself a fool.
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    Interesting first post, welcome to the Forum.
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    Article writer is rather impressed with himself.
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    Gotta make those BILLIONS (in A Carl Sagan voice) of hours of training sound good.
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    Glad I still haven't bothered to read it.
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    When I came back from the DMZ in Vietnam in '68 and from DMZ in Korea in '79 I weighed the same at 147 lbs...combat weight...

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