anybody see a good fireworks display????

jim t

Mar 4, 2008
Hawley Texas
well I did. i live a a very small town, we had a fireworks display that was ok. it was a good as the one in Abilene and that is a big town (at least to me}.

but the one I am talking about wasnt the town fireworks display, no .... i really dont know who had it but man it was great. just out on the edge of town the 5th of july. they put up some of the best fireworks I have ever seen.this thing went on for over an hour. and there was no pause in the action. I watched the boston fireworks on tv it wasnt even close.

I dont want to think about how much it had to cost. I could of bought a lot of guns for what they shot off that night. but it was impressive.


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Mar 10, 2008
My wife did, she was out of town. My son and I discovered that Fourth of July evening is a great time to go to the movies! We had the place to ourselves. Except for the poor people who had to work there that night. I think I could have gone without a movie so they could have had that night off. Felt kind of sorry for them.


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Apr 28, 2008
Yes I did but I was in Calgary Alberta on the Fourth. First day of the Stampede. The canadain airborne guys jumped with both countries flags and they played our National Anthem as well.

All in all a nice time.


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