AR-15 for sale

Discussion in 'Guns for Sale' started by junkyguns, Dec 16, 2009.

  1. junkyguns

    junkyguns Active Member

    for sale d.p.m.s. lower, E.R.Shaw h-barrel 16" 1-9 " twist , aluminium quad rail free float , magpul 2-way adjustable stock ,flat top upper with picatinny rail on top,1 magpul magazine 30rd, black canvas "tactical" case

    $900 cash FIRM .

    call me 214 808 7439 I cant look at the computer for another minute , Craig

  2. jeepman3366

    jeepman3366 New Member

    Feb 10, 2009
    Temple Tx
  3. junkyguns

    junkyguns Active Member

    well i guess I get to keep this one----- no longer for sale !
  4. kingofwylietx

    kingofwylietx Well-Known

    Feb 29, 2008
    DFW area.....Wylie.
    Just wait, in a month or two....somebody will revive this thread and ask if it's still for sale. I'm with High-cap, I like that stock.....what kind is it?
  5. kingofwylietx

    kingofwylietx Well-Known

    Feb 29, 2008
    DFW area.....Wylie.
    Wow, so you're getting the rifle for $650 if you were planning to use a similar stock? Dang, why is that stock so expensive?
  6. Exile Machine

    Exile Machine Active Member

    May 17, 2009
    Dallas Texas
    I'll trade a slightly used antique Chambers stove. You just need to patch up a few bullet holes and re-fill the broiler lifter mechanism with helium.
  7. junkyguns

    junkyguns Active Member

    Mark , if had another chambers around here it would make an even dozen I know you have seen the big white one Michelle picked up a while back...
    the garage is full of them and then there are the ones in the warehouse.
    If i ever put a bullet hole in one of them you know what i would be dealing with lol ......

    back to the thread work is picking up at a pace i dont have to sell any others ...cheaply, so i am going to keep my ar for a bit longer and go shoot some hogs with it !
  8. junkyguns

    junkyguns Active Member

    and the stock is a heavy one compared to the factory stocks.
  9. ZX9RCAM

    ZX9RCAM Over the Rainbow bridge... TGT Supporter

    May 14, 2008
    The Woodlands, Tx.
    Very glad to hear it!

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