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Are any CZ-82/83 fans out there?

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  • Laufer

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    Feb 18, 2022
    Lakeland/Memphis TN
    Geezer: While I recently reminisced about my CZ-82, which was sold about five years ago, I saw a .380 Makarov in my main gun store.

    If it had not been for the very typical, fairly sharp "stacking" (real increase in tension) in the last part of the DA trigger pull, I would have bought it.

    Other than the typical DA triggers I would have kept one of the 5 true Makarovs I owned: two Bulgies, two EG and a .380 Izhevsk Makarov.

    I also had two Polish P-83s and the CZ-82.

    The current price of 9mm Mak (Note: this is 9x18....Not at all 9x19 Luger!) ammo makes the .380 CZ-83 (in my opinion) much more desirable than a 9x18 gun, unless a gun in this chambering isn't used very often.

    :eek:Beware that many people buy 9mm Mak ammo and Think that they are buying "9mm (Luger)", 9x19mm ammo.
    Please make sure that unfamiliar people --friends, family-- are crystal clear about the difference.
    Stores Don't accept ammo being Returned. Ignorance is expensive- or deadly.:beat:
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