Are rifles & carbines the best type of firearms for home defense?

Are rifles & carbines the best type of firearms for home defense?

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Sep 3, 2018
Plano, TX
I ran into someone that claimed that rifles & carbines were far superior than pistols or a SMG for home defense. I disagreed stating that the small confines of a home would not be ideal for the large size of a rifle or carbine and that a pistol or SMG type of firearm would be the best option. What is your position on this?


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Aug 9, 2009
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if u shoot regularly enough that your handgun skills stay sharp, id say handgun

the skills to operate a shouldered firearm (short carbine, riot gun or smg type) make them more ideal if the defender isn’t getting to the range on a weekly basis.
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Jul 23, 2011
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Heavy shotguns, heavy barrels, are a decent impact weapon.

I think I've told this story before but in a house or a football field close quarters is close quarters.

Anyways first day on a work crew away from the prison cleaning brush behind a flood control dam I had an inmate refuse to stop walking up to me. First day test I guess. I told him to stop several times but he refused. He got within arms reach and had a fully earned bought and paid for load of 3 inch 00 buck coming if I wanted to shoot and over watch gunner was about to send a 556 round, instead I muzzle punched him between the eyes with the shotgun. Broke his nose and knocked him to the ground. So theres that which isnt as easy to do with a hand gun.

I racked the shotgun which made the other gunners do the same which made the entire inmate crew hit the dirt.

I never should have let him get that close. Live and learn. Luckily about the live part.

Oh. They, the inmates, were cleaning tumbleweeds and cholla cactus that blew up to the dam. We had to call for medical assistance cause some were really badly coverd, lol.

The inmate, stupid kid, got beat within an inch of his life a couple days later. The other inmates wernt happy cause they liked the money and going out every day. We had to actually lockdown and count every inmate to determine who he was. Someone put the boot to his face and he was unrecognizable. Spent the rest of h iui s sentence in protective custody.

Shotguns are good for butt strokes too.
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