Are the Mossberg 500’s not what people say?

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  • candcallen

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    Jul 23, 2011
    Little Elm
    The only difference to me is the safety locations. I grew up totin an monkey wards 870 copy and work issued the 870 police models. I always bought mossberg or maverick personally.

    I don't like switching back and forth usually but my maverick has the safety by the trigger guard. My 590A1 has it in the traditional mossberg position. It was just too heavy a beast so I sold it.

    I would say I'm not too excited about a brand new remington 870 basic shotgun. I would say mossberg kills them and even maverick beats them. I just wish the trigger guards were all metal. Although I've never seen one broke.
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    Jul 28, 2019
    My first shotgun was a 20ga Montgomery Wards Mossberg 500C, complete with the C-Lect choke. Growing up in the mid-west, hunting involved walking out of the woods and into a corn field. Cranking the choke down to Full, and then back tro IC or modified sure was handy. I have since had Poly-Chokes installed on all my shotguns except the doubles.

    As for the safeties, I prefer the top tang safety over the crossbolt trigger version. For me, it is much more natural to disengage when bringing up the gun.

    Currently have 5 or 6 of them in various configurations from Black powder .50 muzzle loader, to my 18" rifle sighted trunk monkey.


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    Dec 18, 2022
    Well I have a Winchester 1300, couple of 870's, one an old Wingmaster and an Express. two Mossbergs, an old 500 in 20 gauge and a 5 year old model 88. Personally I like the Winchester the best, like the safety in front of the trigger guard, by far the smoothest of the bunch with the Wingmaster 2nd. That said my shotguns get put through hell. My 20 gauge Express is presently rusting behind the seat in my truck. The Maverick has proven itself many times to be a tough reliable shotgun. Wait I forgot I just bought a 12 gauge Express slug gun that I used to hunt feral hogs in north Texas. Shoots great with it's rifled barrel. From new that one needed some work to get it reliable. The one that only gets used for nice days dove hunting is the Wingmaster. The rest know if I am taking one of them out it is going to be tough going somewhere wet and muddy. Lately that job has mostly been done by the Maverick 12 gauge. Right now the Winchester has a red dot mounted on it and it is sighted in for cheap Winchester rifled slugs to use on a nearby COE property hog hunting. The reality of it is I hardly do any bird hunting other than doves and mostly keep the shotguns for self defense and hog hunting.
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