Are you wondering if the Mossberg 715t is a good buy or not?

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  • wraiths_empire

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    Apr 26, 2014
    This is to all of you beginners or veterns alike who would like to read about an honest opinon of the 715t, or to those who are trying to compare it to plinkers that cost over twice as much.
    First of all, the MP 15/22 is a nicer rifle. The Ruger 10/22 does have way more tacticool options. But that is no reason to think that the 715t is not a good choice for any reason - really.
    I have 3 boys that are at the 'gotta have something cool' age. I'm not extremely wealthy so I'm not going to go out and buy 3 $600+ guns for them to start off with. I bought them the 715t's. One of them, 3 years ago. At first, when the appeared out of the blue, everyone talked about how cheap they were and how toyish they felt. Naturally, I blew off the notion of buying one. Got a Ruger 10/22. I had one growing up and knew what that carbine was all about. Then I saw a 715 in person and I myself thought that it was pretty darn cool, for what it is. Bought it for my oldest and off to shooting we went. That gun has never let us down. I don't think that it ever had a FTF or FTE. We just feed our plinkers the cheap stuff too. (Our Puma PPS50's, on the otherhand, are very picky with ammo) The other 715's are newer and havn't been shot as much but they seem to be just as reliable. I just got myself the 715p for a plinking pistol because these Mossbergs really are that cool.
    Ok, you will see 'experts' write that its junk, and you should fork out twice as much for something else. If you have the money and think its what you have to have, then buy the $500-$600 plinker. I got the STG44 22lr last year for that reason, I understand that urge. But if you just want a $200 plinker that looks, and actually feels pretty cool, then don't let others make you feel like its not what you really want. "But it doesn't even have the controls in the right locations...." Who cares? The $600 Ruger SR22 doesn't either. As a matter of a fact, they're the same as the 715t. But you don't hear anyone complain about the Ruger. It's actually kinda nice to have a AR type gun that's not so AR anyways. In this never ending waterfall of everyone and their Aunt making AR's and 1911's, its nice to take a step back from it every now and then. And the poly body of the 715 is made by ATI so its hardly junk. If you're starting out, save yourself the extra $400 you would have spent on the nicer plinker, get this for your plinker, and then you will be $400 closer to a 'real' AR. Now who's using their head?
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    Apr 26, 2014
    I would like to add that my MP 15/22 does sometimes FTF - seems to need cleaned more often. The ruger 10/22 likes to FTE on budget ammo but I think it could run forever with just a squirt of oil in the receiver every 200 rounds. Stg44 I'm still breaking in so I won't complain about it yet. The Puma PPS50's, we have two of them, are both POS but look cool. You have to really want one of them to get it. Don't get one thinking its a PPSH41, its much more like a PPD. The Mossberg 715's seem to be the most reliable of all of these, and just as acurate as the famed 10/22. Cheaper is better? It is with what we have.

    Cogent Design

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    Apr 10, 2014
    For most people, a cheaper .22 rifle is great. I've squirrel hunted, target shot, thrown in the mud, and otherwise abused my Savage .22 that I paid $125 for at Walmart and it's been great.


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    May 11, 2009
    Leander(NW Austin)
    Originally Posted by wraiths_empire Are you wondering if the Mossberg 715t is a good buy or not?



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    Feb 14, 2013
    Live Oak
    I have one and it fails all the time, can't get more then a couple shots. And it does it all, FTF, FTE and double feeds, even had a round turn sideways. Mostly plinker rounds and using the Winchester 333, so maybe that's part of it, I was excited about this rifle, thought it would be a great intro for the kids to the AR style, got a bunch of stuff to stick all over the rails, and it just keeps frustrating me, so if you got any advice about them let it rip.

    Lucas Mccain

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    Oct 20, 2012
    Trophy Club Texas
    Nevermind answering my first response. I just watched a youtube video on disassembly. Looks like a PITA. It may still not turn me away though. I am going to go to Academy this weekend with my son and see if he likes it.



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