Arma Laser for XD-40? Good/Bad?


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Oct 31, 2008
Does anyone have some good advice about purchasing a laser for my XD subcombact? Good or bad. I'm currently looking at purchasing the ARMALaser RSS. Not sure though.


Oct 17, 2008
Round Rock
I cant comment on the specific make and model as I have never tried them. Lasers in general tend to have a love hate following. You either love them or hate them. I have tried them on 2 occasions and came to the same conclusion that they werent for me. Just could not get used to the wiggling dot out there. It kind of reminded me of bad home movies with the camera wiggling about all the time. Those make me nauseous as did the wiggling dot. Doesnt mean that you wont love having one though. As with everything try before you buy would be a good idea.

Of the many lasers out there,Crimson Trace has a very good reputation and following. They make a model for the XD that fits nice without altering the grip too much. They are,however, not cheap.
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