austin area RCBS 38 cal bullet mold

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    May 4, 2009
    RCBS #82065 38-158-swc double cavity.
    38/357 caliber 158 grains semiwadcutter
    use sizer die .358 and top punch #429
    Never used, still in the original box with the original oil on it. Will include an old rifle .357 double cavity die with a set of handles. The rifle bullet die may not be salvageable but the handles are still good and can be used on the RCBS die. Also will include Lyman's "Cast Bullet Handbook" copyright 1980 and the NRA "Cast Bullets supplement no.1" copyright 1981.
    Will sell for $50 obo
    phone 405 612 3002
    If interested check the price of the Lyman book on

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