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WTS [Austin] IWI Masada + Sig Romeo1 red dot optic *SOLD*

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    Apr 21, 2020
    austin, tx
    If you're looking for a non-compromise firearm that can accommodate a red dot - WITHOUT breaking the bank, look no further.

    The IWI Masada is an Israeli firearm so it's been battle tested. It got a 17+1 capacity, and sized similarly to the Glock G19x. If you're not familiar with it, run a quick google/youtube search and see the results.

    The gun comes with 4 adapter plates for red dot optics, so it will accommodate RMR/Holosun, Delta Point, Vortex Venom and the Sig Romeo1 - which is currently mounted on it.

    I opted for the Sig Romeo1 since it got an upper battery compartment (no need to lose zero every time you change it), battery life of 20,000 hours, shake-awake feature (so you never turn it off) and a wide window so it's very easy to acquire. Sig are also extremely customer-centric and have lifetime warranty - so I know if somehow anything will ever go sideways they'll have my back.

    The gun can be used for both home defense and CCW, it's versatile, reliable, and consistent. I never had any failure to feed, regardless of ammo (neither range nor carry ammo showed any issues). Granted, I only shot about 300 rounds, but reviews of the Masada reports the same 100% reliability results.

    The Masada comes out of the box with 2 17-round magazines, great grips texture, front slide serrations, picatinny rail and overall great build quality.

    This is a terrific gun for someone who just wants a complete package out of the box, if you'd like to tinker with it - I think a glock would be a better option (a lot more accessories in the market), but it will also set you back additional $400 or so (grip, trigger, milling work ...).

    Asking $740 and willing to entertain trade (+/- cash) offers. SOLD


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