[Austin] Powder US869, H4350, H1000, H4895, IMR4831, Lil Gun, A1680


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Jun 24, 2012
Clearing out some of my powder stockpile that Im not going to use. Obviously this stuff will have to be face to face, I live in Kyle but work in Austin, will be going to Columbus tomorrow evening, San Antonio Saturday evening, and Lockhart Sunday morning. Powder listed then number of pounds and price.
US 869 2 SOLD
H4350 4 SOLD
H1000 8 SOLD
H4895 1 SOLD
IMR4831 1 25
Lil Gun 8(jug) 160
A1680 8(jug) 160
I will trade pound for pound for varget, H110, TAC, H335 or Win 231. Id also be interested in a pound or two of A1680, I just don’t need the 8 pound jug as I only use it for subs in my 300blk and wont go through the 10 pounds Ive got now. I can use some more once fired brass as well, 45acp large primer 45/K, 9mm 35/K, 223 mix headstamp 65/K, 223 LC 70/K, 308 LC 200/K, 300wm 450/K. Glocks in 9mm or 45, XDs in 9mm, SW Shield in 9mm, or Springfield Range Officer 1911. Of course depending on what you have I can add money on my end.
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