Back in Cali, NOW I feel safer in my car!!! California Drivers aren't bad at all, compared to Houston Drivers...


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Dec 1, 2020
Soon to be Texan
I have been in Cali my whole life and drivers do some stupid crap, BUT...
I recently got back from the Houston, AND surrounding areas, and y'all are MUCH worse!!!

1) Nobody out there signals (LITERAL ~95% failure to signal rates on all lane changes, or road/freeway exodus),
2) Y'all gas it until they are on each-other's bumper, when the person in front of them is clearly stopped, or turning then HARD break, like they didn't even see the car in front of you, and logically adjust speed accordingly, or let off the gas ahead of time with forethought...
3) Y'all Mosey out of your lanes, then mosey back in, or change lanes in front of a vehicle going 2x your speed, when nothing was in front the lane changer to begin with...
4) Out here we CAN have some stupid kids trying to race, in freeway traffic, OUT THERE I saw it every time I was on your freeways near Houston, at least once.
5) Y'all cut corners, AND blind corners like you have no clue someone could be coming...
6) When you do erratic sh!+, like some chick with mental problems, I see you do it again right away, like you didn't learn the first time...
7) When parallel lanes are not straight, you will change lanes, with cars IN THE OTHER LANE... like you don't look at all.
Granted your roads can be a bit crazy, but F'n'A

My rental car was more dinged and beat-up than any I have ever rented... and that is when I got it.
There was even a dent down BOTH passenger side doors of the vehicle, BOTH! :clown:
How do you not know you are rubbing on something the entire length of both passenger doors?!?!?!

I sweat my arse-off w/in ~30ish miles of Houston, The Dallas airport wasn't so bad and humid outside, but cooler and dryer..

Y'all are F'N-NUTZ! :D
NOT even considering that area for relocation!
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