Bahrain Grand Prix fiery crash

General Zod

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Sep 29, 2012
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I'm not a big Formula 1 fan, but my buddy Tim is and our families were hanging out together tonight while he watched this race. Not even one lap into the race, there's a fiery crash that literally split a car in half and engulfed it in a fireball. Never seen anything like it (Well, ok, in Iron Man 2 when Ivan Vanko attacks Tony Stark during the Monaco Grand Prix, but never anything in real life), and the driver walked away. Red flag stopped the race while they cleared the wreckage and replaced the section of wall the front end of the car pierced as it exploded - the "halo" neck support kept the driver from being decapitated in the middle of the fireball.

Second lap was run under a yellow flag to get the drivers' positions reset, then restarted on the third lap. NOT EVEN one lap into the restarted race, a car got flipped. Holy crap.

See for yourselves.



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Jul 14, 2020
Yeah... I saw it happen. Pretty poor coverage by the broadcasting team after the accident. Looking at the remains of the car one certainly has to question how the driver survived much less unstrapped himself and got out of it in the middle of an inferno!


Mar 5, 2008
Unavailable too.
Works fine, just have to watch it on youtube, not in a window.
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