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Apr 5, 2012
This is a professor?
You'd think this was just another liberal activist........ultimately.......I guess she is.
These are the kind of people who are teaching our kids??? And right here in Texas?
I would have thought California, Illinois, New York......what the hell is going on out there???

[h=2]Liberal Texas A&M law professor says it's time to repeal the Second Amendment[/h]

A full-time professor on the faculty of the newly-minted Texas A&M University School of Law called for the repeal and replacement of the Second Amendment on Friday.

The professor, Mary Margaret “Meg” Penrose, made her controversial declaration during a day-long panel symposium on gun control and the Second Amendment at the University of Connecticut School of Law in Hartford.

UConn’s main student-run journal, The Connecticut Law Review, organized the event, according to Connecticut Public Radio. It was well-attended, primarily by law students, law professors and local attorneys.

Penrose was among the speakers, reports CTNewsJunkie, a Connecticut news site.

Penrose cited the Sandy Hook massacre, which occurred in Connecticut, as well as other mass shootings including the 2011 Tucson shooting that left six people dead and U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords critically wounded.

Noting her own outrage that Americans continue to tolerate gun violence, Penrose asked audience members to raise their hands if they thought laws intended to prevent gun violence have been successful. No one raised a hand.

“I think I’m in agreement with you and, unfortunately, drastic times require drastic measures,” the professor said, according to CTNewsJunkie. “I think the Second Amendment is misunderstood and I think it’s time today, in our drastic measures, to repeal and replace that Second Amendment.”
Penrose then proposed a solution that would allow each state to determine its own gun policies.

“The beauty of a ‘states’ rights model’ solution is it allows those of you who want to live in a state with strong restrictions to do so and those who want to live in a state with very loose restrictions to do so,” the professor explained.

Penrose also noted that she tells students in her constitutional law courses that the entire United States Constitution is an obsolete document.

“Why do we keep such an allegiance to a constitution that was driven by 18th Century concerns?” she asked, according to CTNewsJunkie. “How many of you recognize that the main concern of the 18th Century was a standing army? That’s what motivated the Second Amendment: fear of a standing army.”

She described herself as “somewhat agnostic about guns” but “extremely passionate about” the Constitution she calls outdated.
Connecticut Gov. Dannel P. Malloy also spoke at the event, stressing his belief that the Second Amendment offers a limited right and bragging about the strict gun control laws he signed earlier this year.

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Sep 29, 2012
Kaufman County
"Drastic times require drastic measures" - words used to justify tyranny and oppression all through history. Never mind that in these "drastic" times violent crime of all kinds has been on the decline for decades. Idiot.


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Apr 9, 2013
Hah, good luck. I grew up in a very left-leaning area, and some of my long time friends still adhere to a very liberal political view (I do not). They will fight for 2A right along side me. Heck, the first time I went shooting as a kid (not counting camp), a bleeding heart liberal took me. So while we may disagree on many points in politics, we're very united on our right to bear arms.



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