banned olympic sprinter kicked off plane

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  • wiredgeorge

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    Dec 10, 2010
    Mico TX
    This person's comment "I am a superstar and you are still a regular person" said at the end of the second video tells you a lot about entitlement... "I could get my own private plane". Geesh



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    Mar 20, 2022
    Texas, Somewhere near Palestine
    Lol!! What a arrogant skank. I hope they reacomadated her to this plane here.

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    TN Transplant - We love living in TX
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    Mar 5, 2020

    This quote from the article sums it all up perfectly

    “This wasn’t about race, this was about acting ignorant.”


    TGT Addict
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    Apr 20, 2020
    I get sick of the "racial bias" bullshit just because some entitled fuckstick who happens to be a different ethnic-ancestry from those trying to enforce policy / law have lighter skin than them.

    This bitch was acting like a fool, ignoring instructions from the captain and crew (captain's word is akin to God's on his airplane after all) and causing a disruption and delay for everyone else. The crew happened to be white, and this bitch happened to be black. That's it for the whole racial aspect - she was told to turn off the electronics - she didn't want to because she's an entitled shit. She should've been snatched up by her weave and carried off the plane in shackles, then thrown in a holding cell to contemplate her behavior instead of just being put on a different plane. Black list her (oops, is that racial? Meh) and don't let her fly anymore, period.

    Maybe too much fame + too much drug use has lead her to this point.


    New Member
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    Sep 9, 2020
    Katy TX
    This is the same Olympic sprinter that did not make it to Tokyo last year due to using marijuana. She could have been a discretionary pick, but wasn't which may say something about her attitude. Probably another elite athlete that will let drugs and attitude get the best of them and never reach their potential. In the article I read, although she was to be on the relay team, she only speaks of herself.
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